* Personal Daily Coaching and fellowship with

  Lea Michelle for 33 Days via Instant messenger

  Voxer, text or email. 

* 1 scheduled 30 minute phone call

* 1 signed book of choice ($24.95 Value) 

* 3 Purple Crosses for discipleship program

* Frankincense Oil By LMM (Full 5 ML sample) 

* Frank and Myrrh Incense By LMM (2 sticks sample)

* Spiritual Gifts Test 


                    Total Value:       $265.00

    ***Summer / Fall 2018 33% off Discount. 


Do you want to join the program but you don't have the funds? Do not let money stop you! We have donation and scholarship options!

Just ask us! We want to help first and foremost. 

We appreciate our sponsors who help fund and support this program! Thank you for believing in our calling to share Christ and make stronger disciples. 

Danielle Clute

* Review of -33 Days-


Lea Michelle is a bright light who is filled with faith and devotion to helping others and I highly recommend committing to her program! Over the course of the 33 days she became a friend, mentor and it has changed the way I go about my day . If you are looking for a spiritual life coach , she is definitely going to give you great suggestions on transforming your life through Christ! Highly recommended!"

August 2018

Stretch N Praise 

P.O. Box 465

Eastlake, CO 



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