Royal Violets is a all women's encouragement group. There is a private Royal Violets groups for our

-33 Days- clients to network in and there is a current Royal Violets Denver network. Lea Michelle plans to grow this group in several cities and areas. 

Join our Royal Violets Denver Network


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What do our meetings include? 

* Stretch 'N' Praise ny LMM (Stretching with the Lord) 

* Uplifting stories

* Coffee talk

*Sharing of Scripture

* Encouragement 

* Praying for each other

* Speakers

* Learning to write devotionals to God

* Learning tools to walk with God daily

* Learning simple ways to share the good news 

* Ladies lunch or dinner nights

*Yearly conferences 

Stretch N Praise 

P.O. Box 465

Eastlake, CO


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