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This Fitness Ministry Has a Certified Personal Trainer

Church is important, but there's little value to be found in sitting stagnant all day. Stretch n Praise is a fitness ministry that combines traditional prayer with yoga principles.
The combination of positive energies keeps you balanced. Adapting your fitness to your faith ensures you're physically, mentally, and spiritually fit to take on the rest of your day. It's something we naturally do in many church services anyway. Grounding yourself and raising your head and hands to the sky to feel God's grace is a great way to workout.
The Fitness ministry is a place for modern moms to learn how to accept God into their daily lives in a healthy way. Far too often, we turn to God when our lives take a bad turn. This is a habit that needs to break — we should be sharing our most glorious and proud moments with Jesus.
I'm a certified personal trainer and ordained minister. I combined these passions to create an enlightening and opening experience for everyone involved. These unique classes are great for church groups, mom groups, parent teacher organizations, and anybody looking for a fun activity to practice their faith while looking inward.
All of our ministry fitness classes are based on certified fitness principles. We follow the recommendations of the President's Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition to offer safe and healthy exercises while avoiding personal injury.
Working out involves a lot of mental fortitude. The world's top professional athletes describe entering a meditational zone in the heat of competition. It's similar to the meditative zone experienced by the world's top yogis.
Combining fitness with faith opens your mind and body up in new ways to receive all the positive energy our Lord provides.

Stretch N Praise 

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Eastlake, CO


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