What's in our BOX? 


* Personal daily life coaching and fellowship

  for 33 Days via Instant messenger

  Voxer, text or email.  (Estimated 13 Hours)

* 1 scheduled 33 minute phone call

* 33 Days Work Book 

* Stretch N Praise Booklet 

* Vacation With Jesus - Inspirational Series

* Pocket Journal 

* 3 Purple Crosses for 2 day discipleship program

* Violet Bath Bomb - 100 MG CBD

* Lavender Essential Oils - By LMM (Full 15 ML Bottle)

* Spiritual Gifts Assesment 

* Designed Water Bottle 


Total Value:       $433.00

***March 50% off Discount. 


Do you want to join the program but you don't have the funds? Ask about our 13 Day or 3 Days program. Do not let money stop you!

We have donation and scholarship options!

Just ask us! We want to help first and foremost. 

We appreciate our sponsors who help fund and support this program! Thank you for believing in our calling to share Christ and make stronger disciples. 


*Review of 13 Days


"Lea has been such a blessing and has been kind enough to guide me in a path to be closer to God. Her willingness to help me brought me closer to God. She has been such a great help and has helped me open my eyes and create a closer friendship with God."

October 2018

Stretch N Praise 

P.O. Box 465

Eastlake, CO 



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