Finding Christ Through Social Media

By Lea Michelle Johnson 

A non fiction daily devotional with a twist. This is a story of a stay at home mother who was forgetting how to put God first in her day.  This led to much struggle as God should be number one but in going with the busy ways of the world its far too easy to forget how to see God in each new day. 

Lea Michelle’s Journey shows that walking with God is not something that is learned over night.  It takes great practice to learn how to be in the world but not of it!  It takes a good solid year, 365 days, to build a life long routine of knowing how to make Christ a part of your day each and every day.  It takes a year to discover how to never lose sight that the holy spirit gives us our daily bread and walks with us always. 

Lea Michelle’s prayer is that you will pick up a pen and follow along with her journey. She has challenging questions at the end of each day for you to ponder. Challenge yourself and hold yourself accountable to walking with God each new day along with Lea Michelle. Share your heart for others to see on social media with the hashtag #A365DayJourney or share your discoveries in a private notebook.  She prays that you too will open your eyes to a daily walk, hand and hand, with our Savior Jesus Christ! 


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