Welcome to the home of Stretch N Praise (Fitness Ministry) Here you will find all the things Lea Michelle is passionate about. When she committed her life to the Lord she committed her lifes work, websites and social media pages all to honor and glorify our Lord's kingdom. 


Lea Michelle's Credentials: 

* B.A. in Communication Studies from The University of Iowa.

* Minor in Journalism from The University of Iowa

* Trained in Dance & Movement at The University of Iowa

* Ordained Minister from The National Association of    

  Christian Ministers.

*Certified Personal Trainer with  NASM! 

* Certified Life Coach from New Skills Academy.

 * CPR/AED Certifed through The American Red Cross.  

* Published Author


Lea Michelle is bold and fearless in sharing about Christ in creative ways. She is passionate about showing others how to walk with the Lord, seek him and truly see His DAILY blessings upon their lives. We are all called to be courageous followers and shore the good news with all of creation. Lea Michelle has specific and unique ways to help guide people to their purpose and show them ways to be a disciple. 

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In the Fall of 2019 Lea Michelle was asked to travel to Lamar, CO to visit the women of Lamar Christian Church (Pic. right). Lea Michelle spoke on the topic of Friendship. One of her favorite opportunities!


One of Lea Michelle's favorite things to do is travel around Colorado to mothers groups and churches to share about ways to, 'Choose God Daily.' Lea Michelle was asked to speak to the MOPS Mothers Group of Grace Community in Centennial, CO (Pic Left). 

Lea Michelle got the blessed opportunity to speak to the MOPS women's group of Ascension Lutheran Church in Littleton, CO (Pic right). She was invited to speak on a topic that is near and dear to her heart. She spoke about, "What Mother's Face in the Modern World." As a mother of two she knows all too well about the day-to-day challenges modern day mothers face. She shares funny stories and has some great group activities that inspire deep thought and smiles. 

Personal Training



Colorado Wedding Officiant

Wedding Officiant



"Lea Michelle is amazing! She has been so easy to work with! I wouldn't wanna pick anyone else! When I had questions, she either helped me answer them or helped me find an answer! She did an amazing job! Our wedding will be a memory to cherish & we couldn't have done it without her! Thank you!" 

- Isabella Robinson

August 2020

With over 10 years of event planning experience Lea Michelle has the ability to help you turn your w vision into a real life dream come true! She can help with certain parts of the special day or she can also help you plan the wedding from start to finish! She can also help with other events such as anniversaries, vowel renewals, baptisms, graduations and corporate or church related events. Lots of love, thoughtfulness and prayer are devoted and poured into these events. 

Life Coach

Ask about Lea Michelle's
33 Days
Life Coaching program. 

Testimonials and Reviews

Stacey D. 

A MOPS International Leader 

Referral Letter

Lea Michelle Johnson was awesome and I think she’s a great resource to have for other Mops groups! She has several different topics that she speaks and this year we chose the topic “What moms are facing in the modern world!” She was very energetic and engaged our group of 40 moms. Her presentation was very interactive and had our moms moving at times! She’s very knowledgeable, reliable, very likeable, and from the feedback from the other moms they would like to have her return next year!





Stephanie D. 

*Review of 33 Days



Lea has invested so much time into developing her ministry and helping others. She showed me so much patience, understanding and compassion towards the struggles I faced. She was open to hearing all my small steps of growth, as well as my hardships. The program covered so many topics that we all face and taught me Christ-centered ways of living. She shared lots of scripture and broke it down for me. Lea has the heart of Jesus and has been a blessing to me and my walk with the Lord . 



*Review of 33 Days


"Wow, It's been an amazing journey and I thank you so much for sharing all your wisdom and love with me. Such a rich abundance that will continue to be reused and reused and shared on and on."



*Review of 33 Days


"Lea has been such a blessing and has been kind enough to guide me in a path to be closer to God. Her willingness to help me brought me closer to God. She has been such a great help and has helped me open my eyes and create a closer friendship with God."



*Review of -33 Days-


"I just completed Lea Michelle’s 33 day spiritual journey program! I reached out to her to assist me in ways to combat spiritual warfare in my life! Each morning, I received beautiful scriptures and useful inspiring tools to help me with my day! She is a bright light who is filled with faith and devotion to helping others and I highly recommend committing to her program! Over the course of the 33 days she became a friend, mentor and it has changed the way I go about my day . If you are looking for a spiritual life coach , she is definitely going to give you great suggestions on transforming your life through Christ! Highly recommended!"



Ann Lenears - 5 Star Review on Facebook 


"When I was seeking solid foundations in my faith, I reached out to Lea Michelle as a stranger seeking her opinion on some difficult questions. What I found was a friend who has been such a great support in my faith journey. Her heart is full of good intentions and love for the Lord. Her creative devotion to ministering outside the four walls is inspiring, and I am so grateful the Lord brought us together."

Andrea Vest - 5 Star Review on Facebook 

*Review of Fearless Noah

"Lea Michelle is a great person. She wrote the book Fearless Noah and it's adorable! Such a great story for kiddos ages 4-10 I think. It teaches great lessons for elementary school aged kids. My boys both love love love the book and the cool capes that came with! I can't wait to see what she has in store to write about next!"

Carla Moore-Coburn - 5 Star Review on Facebook 

"Lea Michelle is an authentic follower of Christ. Her transparency demonstrates the good, bad, and ugly of true conversion. I'm honored to know her and watch her grow in ministry."

Diana Sapron - 5 Star Review on Facebook 

"Amazing woman of God that is being lead to do incredible things."

John Beckert - 5 Star Review on Amazon 

* Review of Finding Christ Through Social Media 

"I would recommend his book to anybody especially those people who are on social media a lot."

Evelyn - 5 Star Review on Amazon 

- Review of Finding Christ Through Social Media

"What an inspirational daily devotional. So real...so appropriate for these social media times. Easy to relate to many of feelings the author is experiencing."

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